Zenwroth is the god of chaos. He is one of the first two gods spawned by the Void, opposite of Lyrium.

He resembles a bipedal, six-winged goat with clawed hands. His fur is a pale gray, with electric blue markings like lightning. A short red crest tops his head, matching the tuft of long red feathers that end his tail. His wings a white and edged in black, and green eyes stare from his long and narrow fate. A colorful kilt is his only clothing, though various silver bits of jewelry in questionable taste decorate his many limbs.

Zenwroth’s spheres of influence and those things he patrons are as follows:

Chaos, mischief, trickery, Deception, Rouges

Zenwroth, while Chaotic Neutral, is one of the three gods who preside over Evil.

Zenwroth has an item called the Rod of Fish, which he uses to admonish his followers by dropping a fish (usually a red herring) on their head.


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