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  • Pit of Despair

    The Pit of Despair is a mine and manufacturing site located in the foothills of the eastern mountains. They mine for Wild Magic stones, which they use in the manufacture of strange and wonderful weapons and items. It is run by a balding middle-aged …

  • Location

    There are many unexplored areas of Ichthis, new places are being found all the time. Some such locations are: [[Duskvale]] [[Duskvale Keep]] [[NePalm]] [[Shear'Ki Mountains]] [[Delron Sea]] [[Verswen]] [[Pit of Despair]]

  • Duskvale

    Duskvale is a small village on the River Darqui. Historically it was a bustling hub of trade, supporting [[Duskvale Keep]] When the Keep fell to dark forces, monsters appeared and attacked the village. Monster attacks depleted the village, and as …

  • Duskvale Keep

    Duskvale Keep is an enchanted and very old keep sitting against a huge granite outcropping and on top of a dungeon. Long ago the Keep was overrun by monsters and it has sat unused and infested for several hundred years. Only the magic built into the …

  • NePalm

    Nepalm is a small City set just off the River Vecnet. The city is quiet and orderly, and a popular stopover for adventurers on their way from the [[Delron Sea]] to the northern [[Shear'Ki Mountains]]. There is also quite a bit of trade heading from the …

  • Verswen

    Verswen is a city in the foothills of the [[Shear'Ki Mountains]]. It is home to a small temple with many clerics of [[Vernos]] in residence.

  • Shear'Ki Mountains

    The Shear'Ki Mountains run from the farthest northeast part of the continent south along the east coast. They are home to several Dwarven cities and strange creatures.

  • Delron Sea

    The Delron Sea is actually a lake. It is the largest lake on Ichthis, and is the major rout of trade across the continent.

  • MagnoCataru

    The Capitol of CataruCataru, MagnoCataru is a sprawling city. Its a bustling trade city, with the only dock on the planet for spelljammers. To curb the crime rate such a city creates, there is a nightly curfew at roughly eight o'clock.

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