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  • Book of Vernos

    The artifact for the God [[Vernos]] is known as The Ultimate Compendium, or the Book of Vernos. Once every three days at 4:00pm the book can be asked a question, and it will open to an article. Depending on the roll made, the article could be exactly …

  • Amulet of I'm not Dead Yet

    The Amulet of I'm not Dead Yet will restore small amounts of health to someone near death, or dying. As the holder reaches 5 HP or below, the Amulet shall retore 1d4 HP every turn of combat. The holder can be unconscious and still be alive while the …

  • Bloodwyrm

    The Bloodwyrm is a spelljamming ship Captained by Siria Slayer.

  • Amulet of Artifact Finding

    The Amulet of Artifact Finding is used by holding it over a map or chart. It will pull towards the location of the nearest artifact not in the party's possession.

  • Items

    There are many(some say too many) strange and fantastic items on Ichthis. Here are a few special ones Unusual: [[Amulet of I'm Not Dead Yet]] [[Coin Purse of Many Things]] [[Amulet of Artifact Finding]] [[Wild Magic Wine]] Artifacts: …

  • Coin Purse of Many Things

    The Coin Purse is a small, unassuming bag with a metal snap that holds it closed. The opening is big enough to insert a hand or a halfing's head. The Coin Purse can be pulled from once per day. If someone is in the presence of the bag for more than a …

  • Wild Magic Wine

    This purple liquor is imbued with the power of wild magic. When a person drinks the wine, a Wild Surge goes off centered on them. Naturally this can be very disastrous, and those who come across a bottle are advised to proceed with great caution.

  • Spiked Chain of Zenwroth

    Also known as the Chaos Chain, the Spiked Chain of [[Zenwroth]] is his personal artifact. When the left side is struck into a body of water, it summons one red herring 1"-40' in length (the size of the fish is dependent on the volume of the water) …

  • Encyclopedia Religica

    This book comes in two volumes. The first volume contains all current religions, the second those who are no longer practiced.

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