To the Stars!

What do you mean they're not here?

The party returns triumphant to the home of their Mysterious Employer. They are shown in and directed back to the room with the long table. Conversation is heard behind a closed set of double-doors.

Stealthy eaves dropping reveals the voice of their employer arguing with someone. The voice of the stranger is irritated and female. She seems to be very unhappy with something the Mysterious Employer is asking of her. His response is she owes him a favor and this is how would have her repay him. They begin moving toward the door and the group resumes innocent poses at the table.

The door opens revealing the party’s mysterious employer in the company of a young woman in a black frock coat and a wide brimmed hat with red feathers in it. She has long black hair and an irritated expression. She is introduced as Captain Slayer, and the party’s employer’s name is finally revealed as Mortiferous.

Mortiferous congratulates the party on retrieving the first artifact. However, concerning the other artifacts there is both good and bad news.

Someone has gathered all eleven other artifacts. Unfortunately, they are no longer here.

The party’s confusion is only deepened as Mortiferous explains the thief made his escape in a spelljamming ship. The party is expected to pursue the thief in Captain Slayers spelljammer, the Bloodwyrm

At this point, Everal and the hexblade take their leave, unwilling to travel off-world. Izzie is sucked up by a blue rift, and Kelren declines as well, his adventure is planet-bound.

After they leave, the now smaller party is presented with an item, the Amulet of Artifact Finding and proceed into Mortiferous’s back yard. There, floating 50 yards above the ground, is the Bloodwyrm. The ship is bone white with markings in midnight blue. A ladder decends and the group climbs aboard.

The party then learns why Captain Slayer capitulated to Mortiferous. She inherited this ship, as well as most of it’s crew. However, that crew has just retired, leaving the captain with only two. The first is her first mate and the ships cook, Roth, a good humored Gnoll. The other is Nathaniel, the Quarterdeck officer, a Nezumi. Mortiferous joins them on board, he is coming with not only to advise the party, but to round out Slayer’s crew.

The party is subjected to a two week training course during which they learn how to work the ship, and adjust to space.

Serlone and Xai do not adjust well to space



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