The Story so Far...

Our adventurers meet

We begin in the city of NePalm.

A group of strangers awaken. they are in a room with three stone walls, and one wall of iron bars. A few of them vaguely remember a bar fight.

The group consists of Hod the Half-orc fighter, Everlle the Halfling monk, Serlone the elven rouge, Xailina the half elven ranger, Izzi the elven wizard, and Brother McTavish the human cleric of Zenwroth.

The guard, for the group had landed themselves in a jail cell, approached the cell. He informed them that they were being held responsible for the destruction of a pub. This was a serious matter, for the pub was a favorite hang out for adventurers and had some rather rare and expensive drink and decor. Te party became swiftly aware that they could not hope to pay the damages, and would be forced to hard labor until their debt was repaid.

However, there was a second option. A mysterious figure, well know in town but unknown to the group, had offered to pay the damages if they would agree to enter a contract for and adventure. They agreed to meet with the mysterious man.

The group was escorted out of the jail to the upper class part of town. They were led to the largest, and best fortified, mansion on the block. The guards escorting them stopped just outside the door, and a butler appeared and shepherded the group inside to a dinning hall. the group sat at the long table and the mysterious figure entered.

The mysterious man gave no name, but explained that he required a party of adventurers to take on a quest. The quest was to find and retrieve the twelve lost artifacts of the gods. Everlle wished to know what was in it for them. To make the job more appealing, the party would be allowed to keep any treasure they found along the way. this was acceptable to the group with the exception of Everlle, who had no desire for wealth. Therefor the mysterious man pointed out that Everlle’s only other option was to languish in jail. With some pressure from the rest of the group, he relented and signed on.

There first lead was for the Book of Vernos, which was last seen at a temple in a town a short distance away known as Verswen. The party disembarked on what they had no idea was going to be a long and difficult journey that would take them years to complete.



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