Quest for the Book

the adventurer begins

The adventures leave for the town that holds the temple the artifact was last seen at.

Along the way they run into a bard named Kelren. He is a Sher’Kai, a race the party have never seen or heard of before. He joins the party in search of adventure.

When the party reaches town, they rent a few rooms at one of the inns. Xai and Isi take one, and the guys take a second. During the night, sounds can be heard in the ceiling. There are rats in the small attic space, and the party is determined to eradicate them. Everil is sent out the room window and onto the roof. he gains access to the attic, and faces a wererat. Battle ensues, and it is defeated. However, Everil contracts rat lycanthropy.

The party acquires the Coin Purse of Many Things. The first item they pull form the bag is a brick. Serlone pulls an alligator which attacks the party. upon defeating it they find an amulet around it’s neck. It is the Amulet of I’m not Dead Yet. The party gives it to Everil. The alligator is taken to the armorers shop. He turns it into three pairs of masterwork boots. Hod takes the skull and attaches it to his shield.

While exploring the area outside of town, the party encounters Sargent Upta, a goblin, and his men. While they are victorious, Upta manages to escape. The party finds little and returns to town.

In town, Kelren is invited to play at a local club. The party goes and has a good time. As a thank you gift, the owner of the tavern gifts them with a bottle of strange purple wine. It’s Wild Magic Wine, and every time it is drunk from, a wild surge goes off and something strange happens. Hod begins to experiment with this wine, resulting in a small pair of vestigial bat wings.

They venture out again, and after a time they run into Upta and his forces, this time he has been promoted to Lieutenant. After a long and drawn out battle, they defeat him a second time, and once again he escapes. Once again unsuccessful in finding anything, the party returns to town.

The party finds a shady merchant who will pay for the capture of Upta. They once again face the goblin, now a General, successfully capture him and are rewarded richly for their efforts. they also collect five of Upta’s daggers. They are marked Made in Pit of Despair.

The party meets up with a wandering Hexblade who joins their party.

The party is inadvertently summoned by a wizard whom some call Tim, who sets them a small task and rewards them for it’s completion.

The party journeys to the Pit of Despair, which is located in the foothills of a mountain a few days journey from the town. there are several caves, one which leads into a forest filled cavern with a lake in it’s center. The trees are sentient, and inform the party that the water from the lake will cure lycanthopy. Everil is cured.

Another cave leads deep into the Pit of Despair, which contains a mine of wild magic stones. The party travels deep into the mind, discovering fiendish traps and horrid monsters. They prevail, and eventually find themselves before the man who runs the Pit of Despair, a balding middle-aged sayter. The brick Hod pulled from the coin purse of many things is given to him and they are given a clue to the book and are teleported out.

They follow the hint given by the sayter and find the hidden and deserted ruins the book is rumored to be in. they venture in, find brain bending traps and a few monsters, before finally finding the book. they beat a hasty retreat to the town, where interesting news awaits them.



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