Adventures in Space!

Monster and Aliens and Neogi Oh My!

The Party journeys off towards a spaceport the Amulet of Artifact Finding indicated as the place to start.

They do much exploring of shops and bars, finding strange new things and odd looking people.

There Travels reveal a Colonel Condor, who reveals the name of the thief they pursue, Bugair! He also gives them his business card, with a list of shops they might get discounts at for knowing him.

He points them in the direction of Bugair’s next stop. The planet CataruCataru is known throughout the galaxy for it’s trade in religions and religious artifacts, it is likely that Bugair plans to unload his cargo there.

The Bloodwyrm leaves port, heading towards their new destination. Some snooping around the ship by the party reveals that Captain Slayer is a smuggler, dealing in hard-to-get spell components, particularly of the undead variety.

Along the way, they stumble across a small, heavily damaged spelljammer. On board is a Druid and his tiger animal companion. Upon rescuing him from his failing craft, he chooses to join the party on their quest.

The party’s next encounter is also a damaged spelljammer, but this one is very large, and it looks to have been abandoned for years. The Bloodwyrm comes close enough to refresh it’s atmosphere, and the party departs o investigate.

Once on board, they descend into the hold, and find the ship is infested with undead. They engage in a fierce battle, and manage to defeat them all. They find some treasure in the wreck, and a small barrel that apparently at one point was used to seal a hole. they return to the Bloodwyrm and Captain Slayer stores the barrel in the warded part of the cargo hold.

They travel on to CataruCataru without incident.

They land in the capital City of CataruCataru, MagnoCataru. Upon investigation of several shops, they find an artifact! The Spiked Chain of Zenwroth is purchased by the group, and Brother McTavish takes it to replace his rather mundane weapon. While wandering around they run into a gnome wizard who is a follower of Requari who agrees to join them on their quest.

While looking for other shops, they find and armorer of sorts, who’s name is on Colonel Condor’s business card.

Ferizino is a loud, flamboyant, excitable man with a taste for the absurd and armor that looks like clothing. The armor he finds for Hod resembles a croc-skin trench coat and pimp hat, with frilly white shirt and black pants to match.

The druid wound up with a purple zoot-suit, and the wizard with a miniature Dick Tracy outfit.

Ferizino also asks the party for assistance in sabotaging his rival. The party finds this suspicious and presses for details about the dispute.

It turns out that Ferizino and his rival were lovers, but recently Marscaro has turned away from Ferizino at the pressing of Marscaro’s suspicious adopted sister, who works at a near-by temple. Ferizino is in a rage over being left, but would rather be reunited with Marscaro than sabotage him. The party agrees to investigate in return for discounts on the armor, then leaves to investigate other shops.

At Scarpelo’s Religoius Emporia, they acquire several fantastic items, including the book set [[Encyclopedia Religica]. Scarpelo offers a set of locater rings if they agree to investigate strange happenings at a temple, the same temple that Marscaro’s sister works at. They discover using the Encyclopedia Religica and the Book of Vernos that the beneficial god of wealth portrayed by the temple is only a front for an evil god of destruction, known for bringing great disasters.

While preparing to enter the temple, Hod runs into a human Wizard at a bar and has an interesting conversation before they part ways.

The Party, consisting of Hod, McTavish, Serlone, the Druid and the gnome wizard enters the temple. They explore, finding their way to the basement. In it’s depths, lurking, waiting to be released on the populace of MagnaCataru, is a Manticore.

The party does battle with the foul creature, Hod nearly dying form the conflict. The party manages to defeat the monster, but just barely. After it is slain, the temple began to collapse. The druid and gnome wizard are crushed to death by falling rocks, and Hod and McTavish carry out an unconscious Serlone.

Meanwhile, Everlle finds himself sucked up by a blue energy rift and deposited onto the lap of a female wizard.



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